About Us

We are a specialist consultancy assisting regulated firms and professionals to defend complaints on a fixed fee basis. 

Our management team have worked in financial services in senior roles across the industry in roles which include SMCR positions including Compliance Officer, Chief Executive, Chairman and Legal Counsel along with customer facing functions such as IFA, Investment Manager, Derivatives Trader and Stockbroker. 

We understand the current landscape and how the increase of claims management firms and the complaints which they raise which are often  speculative, are distracting  and damaging to any business in terms of time costs, potential redress, impact on professional indemnity premiums and reputational damage with customers and the regulator.

Complaints, regardless of their merit, are very time consuming and can divert management and customer facing staff from commercial priorities. But failure to address complaints properly can impact customer retention and open up the firm to regulatory intervention.

We have experience at all levels of complaints from the low consequence and simple, to high value and complex. Our directors have successfully managed complaints internally, Ombudsman investigations and civil claims.

Your case handler is at hand to assist you with every aspect of the complaint along with the support of a panel of lawyers.

By outsourcing the management of complaints to us, firms can be assured that they can deliver fair outcomes.